taught by Bindar Dosanjh
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Bindar Dosanjh
Bindar Dosanjh
Property Investment Mentor, International Speaker and Lawyer

About the instructor

Bindar’s journey took her from an accidental investor, to amateur investor, to now being a fully professional property investor and mentor.

She has made mistakes on her journey and now has the know how to help others create their ideal property investment portfolio. Just as her mentors guided her, she is there for her mentees through the whole process. She provides a range of mentoring packages and gets massive satisfaction when her mentees achieve their success too.

As an award winning and financially free property investor with a portfolio of several million, Bindar speaks on property on international stages sharing how she amassed high yielding properties in a short time.

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Who is this course for?

If you are thinking of getting involved in property investing or have just started your property investing journey, or you are an existing investor who wants a reminder of the basics.

What is covered?

During our time together I will be your Property Investment Mentor and will cover the following 5 modules:

  1. How to raise funds - money for your deposits
  2. Income strategies - Buy-to-Let and Social Housing Strategies
  3. Income strategy - House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)
  4. Capital Strategy - Distressed Strategies
  5. Fundamental Dream Team

How do I support you?

You will receive supporting documentation providing you with the vital questions to ask:

  • Financial institutes
  • Letting and Estate Agents
  • Builders
  • Your property dream team e.g. Lawyers, Surveyors, Financial Advisors etc.

As part of the course I also provide you with a comprehensive workbook that will assist your journey to becoming a property investor.

What will get at the end of the course?

When we finish our time together you will:

  • Feel confident to start your property investment journey
  • Understand the essential concepts of each property investment strategy
  • Discover what is the right investment strategy for you personally to start
  • How to finance your first investment
  • Who are the essential people to have on your dream team
  • What you need to do to grow a sustainable property investment business

The content of this course is an accumulation of over 30 years experience as a property investor, property investment mentor and award winning landlord.

I would love you to join this course for you to start your property investing journey.

Course Contents

7 Videos
5 PDFs
1.3 hrs